The Story You're Telling Yourself

The stories we tell ourselves are often the biggest killer of our dreams - I'm sure you've heard it before.

But are you truly aware of your own stories right now?

Last week I spent time with my mentees discussing the top stories that hold aspiring entrepreneurs back from actually getting started

Some of the top ones are;

  • My idea isn't perfect yet
  • I need to know how first
  • I need to be qualified to...
  • I'll just work it out myself
  • I need more time to plan
  • I'm just waiting for X 

How many of these have you taken on as your own?

If you are still in the aspiration stage, and one or more of these are part of your internal dialogue, then guess what...

You won't be starting today, tomorrow or next month.

Until you work through these fear-based falsehoods, you will always find a reason not to start.

For some, it will show up as

  • The business plan never getting finished.
  • Forever waiting for that guy to call who wants to help you start.
  • Needing to save just a bit more money before you start doing.
  • Someone else getting started with your idea.

... and the list goes on.

These are all stories rooted in fear of taking action.

and lets be clear - Planning is not action. Planning is a form of motion but it is not action.

It's empowering when you accept that your fears never truly go away but learning how to work with them, not against is a huge part of the journey towards your success.

So, my call for you today.

If you're sitting on an idea, wondering, wishing, hoping or just straight-up procrastinating.

Today's the day to take action.

  • Make the call
  • Write the first post
  • Start building the website
  • Test your idea

 Just get started.

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