Life Is Juggling

I was having a great conversation with a mentee last week that inspired me to share a perspective on the REAL juggle of a business owner.

Many years ago, a mentor of mine shared an analogy that has stuck with me like glue.

It goes like this - Life is a constant juggle. You've always got several balls up in the air.

Sometimes it flows with ease; other times, it calls for all of your concentration, self-control and faith.

But the point to remember is not all balls are made equal.

Some are made from rubber - these will bounce when you drop them; at certain times in your life, this could be your work, specific relationships, or your finances.

A select few of the other balls are made of glass - these are the ones that you don't want to drop; these will break. For some right now, that could be your health, significant relationship, or your business.

For me, when life is feeling overwhelming, and I'm reflecting on what needs to shift. I consider all the balls I have up in the air and which ones are rubber and which are glass.

It's a simple but very effective way of recognising what needs my focus and what can wait.

I am often reminded of this when working with my mentees, particularly those in the early stages of business growth. There will always be things that are screaming for your attention. But, unfortunately, it can become easy to fall into the trap of overlooking the things that don't scream quite as loud but are just as important, sometimes more so.

So take a moment and consider the juggle and what's real for you right now.

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