As of 2022, you have less than a 20% chance of  surviving your first 3 years in business...

I help fix that

Hey there, i'm B! 

A true to her word, simplify everything, shoot for the stars start-up mentor.

It's heartbreaking that 80% of aspiring businesses fail, even more so, that their founders are often left feeling defeated by the process and give up on their dreams.
But it doesn't have to be that way, you see over the past 20+ years I have started, scaled and sold multiple businesses (11 to be precise) and I have come to know that there are fundamental foundations that every business requires regardless of the type, size or industry.
Like all entrepreneurs, I've had varying degrees of success, something I talk openly about in my weekly emails, but you know what? I've learnt just as much from my mistakes as I have from my success, and I keep going back for more, so I must be doing something right.

I wasn't born with anything extra and was certainly never predestined for success. Somewhere in the midst of being relentlessly bullied, questioning my worth, and wading through the complexity of undiagnosed dyslexia… I decided to bet on myself and that is the first step in The Smart Start-Up Method - stack the odds in your favour, and back yourself!

So today, that's my mission to help you make that same courageous bet on yourself. Step out of your comfort zone and create the life only dreams are made of. If I can do it, you absolutely can too.

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You've got this!

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